My name is SuZe. I live in a tiny village in the deepest darkest depths of Northern England with my husband, TH and my two dogs. I have always had a passion for writing, but I had never dabbled with any type of broadcasting, so please bear with me - this is all new to me!

So why did I decide to create a Podcast? And a true crime podcast, at that!

Sadly, a tragic event befell my life in 2019; an event that robbed me of someone I loved dearly. They were lost through, what I feel, were nefarious circumstances. Apologies, I cannot say too much as there is a potential case in motion, but rest assured, as soon as I win the case, you will be the first to know!

In the months after the event, feeling quite adrift and without direction, a friend of mine turned me onto true crime podcasts...and I became hooked. They spoke to me. I felt the pain of the victims, of the family, of the ensuing cases and quests for justice. 

The more I listened to them, the more I began to think of how I would construct a podcast. But there are so many truly great true crime podcasts out there...how would I compete?

So, I turned to what I knew best - writing a story. And that is how the podcast was born. I try to focus on crimes that changed laws, or law enforcement; crimes that are less well known; international crimes, and well, crimes that take us to the dark side of humanity, morality and sanity.


The crimes are told in a story format with people lending their voices and accents to key people in the crimes, bringing a human depth and perspective to each and every tragic victim's story, so the true gravitas of their plight can be heard and felt. These are not professional actors. They are my friends, and friends of friends, of friends, of friends...from all across the globe! I am grateful and thankful to them for helping me out. Of course, when news coverage is permitting, I try as often as possible to include the voice of the victim - in a way, I feel it helps to maintain their memory. 

I am always on the look out for new stories, and new voices regardless of accent, or origin! If you can afford me either, I would love to hear from you.

It would also be lovely if you could join me on my Facebook Group - just look up Dark Side podcast. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the stories covered! Yes, I know, I haven't gotten around to setting up Twitter or Instagram yet! In all honesty, I'm really not a social media person. Maybe one of you can help me? I wouldn't say no!

So, until next time...

Stay safe, Stay alert

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